Hair Concepts Attends Matrix Color and Latest Trend Classes

  The whole Hair Concepts crew attended all day training for Matrix color and new trends


Today we attended 2 classes on color and hair-cutting trends for spring . It was also Michael’s first Matrix product class event. A professional educator came to Anchorage, AK from Oregon to bring new updates on the latest trends and techniques in the hair industry. Her name is Audrey and she was the coolest teacher around.


The Hair Concepts crew truly enjoyed the Matrix color, techniques, and latest trend classes.



matrix color and new trend classes


We want to make sure we’re up to date with the latest styles, color trends, and because we care about our customers, we’re always training and learning the newest techniques from the lower 48.



“En busqueda aprendiendo pila” (“hustling and learning a lot”) – Michael De La Cruz












hair concepts crew with Matrix educator Audrey

Hair Concepts crew with Matrix educator Audrey

Hair Concepts Matrix Classes Photo